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Investing in your Sailing Experience - Easysea Flipper

Investing in your Sailing Experience - Easysea Flipper

So, I am a sailor just like you.  I do a few projects each year and work hard to maintain my boat.   Trust me when I say I know the value of a dollar when investing in anything new for the boat.  Mine is a Catalina 310, by the way.  Two years ago, in my first season of this boat (I had a Catalina 22 for 17 years before I upgraded), I was out single-handed sailing, which is what I do 100% of the time (even with family or friends aboard), and while trying to steer the boat and put the winch handle in the winch, guess what, I lost it overboard.  Now some would say to turn around and find it as it floats, but come on, turning a sailboat, and trying to find a small floating red item would be nearly impossible, especially by myself.  I was inspired at this stage and started searching for a winch handle I could always leave in the winch.  I thought of creating a foldable winch handle; however, upon researching, I came across a company called Easysea, which invented the first foldable winch handle called the Flipper.

These were not cheap, so I was cautious and researched as much as possible, but I was sold.  For me, I knew it would make my life easier.  The Flipper never had to be removed from the winch and folded up on top when unused.   For me, this was perfect as I would never have to worry about this part any longer.  I ordered them right away to get ready for the next sailing season.   Over the next season, I cannot say how much I enjoyed using the Flipper.   Never needing to find, put on, or remove the winch handle made my sailing experience much more enjoyable.  Did I mention that I single-hand every time?  I have used the Flipper in winds up to 30 knots and never felt they would not be up to the task.  After such a successful season with them, I decided to do more.   I contacted the company and became the first US distributor and reseller of the Easysea flipper, and I am thrilled to represent them in the Northeast US. 

While I know that the sticker price may make you look at this twice, let me ask you this question.   What does peace of mind cost you when you sail?  For me, I looked at this as an investment in my sailing experience.   And the investment has easily paid off.   So, what’s stopping you from investing in your sailing experience?

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