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Flipper Foldable Winch Handle by EasySea - The last winch handle you will ever need!

Flipper Foldable Winch Handle by EasySea - The last winch handle you will ever need!

So like most traditional sailors, I have used a standard boat winch handle when needed.   Even as a kid, I remember having to take off and put on the winch every time it was needed.   As I grew up and had my own sailboats, which I was single handling 99% of the time, I found that using a winch handle became more of a nuisance than something that added value, so much that on my Catalina 22, I used a block system to control my jib vs. the winches as it was just easier.   I recently upgraded to a Catalina 310 sailboat, and found I now needed to use the winches once more.   Still being a single handed sailor, within my first five sails, I dropped one of the winches overboard.   Yup, $80 dollars lost just like that. 

So in thinking about this dilemma, I had the wonderful idea that there should be a foldable winch handle that can be used so that the ropes would never get tangled, and I would never had to remove them as they would never be in the way.  Never had seen one on the market or in any marine store ever, so I thought I was onto something here.   So like everyone these days, I did a search on the internet, and low and behold, a company had just beaten me to the idea.  They created a foldable winch handle called the Flipper.  This product was exactly what I needed and I had to have it going into this past season (I am from Massachusetts and sail on Salem Harbor).   Without a hesitancy, I purchased two of these winches.  The price tag on them is something that is a little bit of a sticker shock at first, but the efficiencies and piece of mind I have gained around using the Flipper pays for them ten fold.  

Being universal for any winch, once placed in and locked you are good to go.  When not in use, I always maintain them in the folded position just in case if I need release the line quickly, but to fold and unfold take a matter of a second at most once you get used to them.  When unfolded, the handle gives you plenty of leverage to turn the winch with ease.   Many times I am either holding the wheel and tightening the jib lines, or have the boat on autopilot doing the same.  

Again, while the initial price tag may seem like a deterrent, don't let it be.  This can be used on smaller sailboats all the way up and would be great for those that race, where time to transition is very important.  I even liked these so much, I have come one of their first US Distributors to make it easier for sailors here to take advantage of this great invention.

Get your Flipper by EasySea here on North Shore Sailing!

Thanks and Happy Sailing!


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